What is new

EPSG Dataset release information - v9.8.6

Version 9.8.6 of 2020-01-16 replaces version 9.8.4 of 2019-11-11.

New to version 9.8.6, 2020-01-16 (Registry including SQL scripts, and Access)

  • New data for Argentina, Austria, Indonesia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.
  • Significant revision to data for Argentina, France, Indonesia, Netherlands, New Caledonia and Pakistan.
  • Minor revision to data for American Samoa, Canada, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands.

Notice for future:

IOGP is planning for the EPSG Dataset to adopt the recent changes made to the ISO 19111:2019 data model to describe dynamic coordinate reference systems and datum ensembles. We anticipate that the updated model will be introduced in October 2019. The existing model will continue to run in parallel for some months before being withdrawn. Details of proposed changes will be circulated in the near future.

Read about planned Upgrade of EPSG Dataset data model