EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset

1.  Introduction

The EPSG geodetic parameter dataset is a structured repository of data required to

The geographic coverage of the data is worldwide, but it is stressed that the dataset does not and cannot record all possible geodetic parameters in use around the world. For criteria for inclusion refer to Guidance Note 7-1, Using the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset. The EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset is maintained by the Geodesy Subcommittee of OGP. The EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset may be used free of charge, but its use is subject to the acceptance of the Terms of Use. The dataset is available as an Online Registry or may be downloaded as a relational dataset distributed in an MS Access 2000 database and as SQL scripts. Polygons representing the boundaries of areas of use of the geodetic entities may be downloaded in GML 3.2.1 or Shapefile formats.

The Online Registry supports anonymous (guest) access, but also permits the user to register for additional services, such as the export of the entire dataset as GML 3.2.1 dictionaries. Users may query and view the data and generate printable reports. Additionally the Registry provides a web service interface, permitting geospatial software to query and retrieve the data.


Notes regarding download of zip files:

  1. The archive files are zipped using WinZIP. If the default decompressor on your computer is WinRAR instead of WinZip, then you may have to manually change the name of the database from "epsg-v8_0" to "epsg-v8_0.zip" in order to subsequently unzip it to an mdb. Or you could right click the "I agree" link on the web page instead of left click, and then to "save target as", and then it will save as a .zip.
  2. If you use Internet Explorer and are told that the downloaded ZIP file is corrupt, please follow the instructions at http://kb.winzip.com/kb/entry/150/ to change your internet settings to disable HTTP 1.1 and delete temporary internet files, then download the file again.

Subscribe to the EPSG dataset mailing list to be advised whenever new dataset releases are made.

3.  How to make a request to add to or amend dataset content

Change requests are accepted from any interested party. They should be made by electronic submission of the change request and comment form on the make change request.

Change requests should clearly state what is being proposed. If the change is to existing dataset content then the code for the entity in question must be stated, preferably along with its name. If the request is to add new data then as a minimum the information tabulated in Guidance Note 7-1 annex A must be given. This minimum information may be either included directly in the change request message, or given through an email to "geodesy @ ogp . org . uk", or given indirectly by providing in the change request message the URL for a publicly-available web site which contains the information. Download Guidance Note 7-1, Using the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset.

Requests received will be acknowledged by the OGP Geodetic Subcommittee, normally within one working week of receipt. If they are within scope they will be allocated a change request number and then reviewed by the Subcommittee. The Subcommittee may require the proposer to provide supplementary information before reaching a decision. Changes that are accepted are first made in an unpublished copy of the dataset and are put through a quality control check. Correspondents may be asked to comment on draft entries. The Subcommittee aim to process all requests within one release cycle of the dataset. Correspondents will be advised of the decision reached as soon as it has been made. Where new data is added, the code(s) for this are made public only at the time of the next full dataset release.

COMMENT on or make CHANGE REQUEST for data content of the EPSG dataset


A multipart Guidance Note supports this dataset:

Developers may download Registry GML schema files here.


If you need to obtain a copy of a superseded version of the EPSG dataset, please take the link to ARCHIVED DATABASES (Superseded).

6.  EPSG USER UPDATE UTILITY for Version 6.X in MS Access

This utility, created by Simon Dewing, allows users to copy records which they have added to an earlier EPSG v6.x MS Access database from that database into the current database, creating a version of the current database supplemented with the user's own records. See Guidance Note 7 part 1 referenced above for further details on use of this utility program.

The executable requires MS Access library files and the Microsoft .NET Framework to be installed on the user's computer in order to execute the program. However, as a convenience to users with .NET Framework and full MS Access 97 installations already in place, the governing executable is provided in a downloadable zip file. This executable does not require installation on a user's computer but may be run directly from CD.

In addition to the utility itself, an extensive help file has been prepared to provide workarounds needed for specific source EPSG version numbers and specific usage scenarios.  This help file is >2.5 MB in size.

At this time, a version that installs the .NET Framework and required MS Access library files is not available for download. It can be obtained on CD by regular mail by requesting it via the COMMENT / CHANGE REQUEST form linked in item #5 below.   Please be sure that complete mailing address is given in any such request.

A background and additional information regarding EPSG (including Guidance Notes and updates regarding OGP) may be found here.