Geospatial integrity of geoscience software (GIGS)

The purpose of this Guidance is to provide geoscience software developers and users with recommended industry best practice to evaluate the capabilities of their software with respect to establishing and maintaining geospatial data integrity. GIGS is a process developed in response to significant concern and user experiences of violations of  geospatial integrity of data when using geoscience software, resulting in incorrect results, inconsistent understanding and misleading information for the user community. 

The Guidance comprises six items, downloadable below:

  1. ‘Part 1 – Guidelines’ (OGP report number 430-1), describing the GIGS process
    This guidance note is supplemented by a companion MS PowerPoint slide pack (with notes) explaining the GIGS process and business benefits

  2. ‘Part 2 – Software Review’(OGP report number 430-2), containing a software review checklist to enable structured testing of geoscience software
    This software review document is supplemented by an MS-Excel spreadsheet version (ZIP or RAR) of the checklist, intended to facilitate the execution of a geoscience software review and capture its results

  3. ‘Part 3 – User guide for the GIGS Test Dataset’ (OGP report number 430-3)
    This user guide supports a series of data files to be used for testing of the algorithms and data exchange capabilities of the geoscience software. The test dataset may be downloaded here (ZIP or RAR).

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