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The OGP Geomatics Committee, previously known as the Surveying & Positioning Committee, was formed in 2005 by the absorption into OGP of the now-defunct European Petroleum Survey Group (EPSG) which itself had been formed in 1986. The Surveying & Positioning Committee comprises specialists from OGP member companies working in the areas of surveying, geodesy, cartography and geo-spatial information/coordinate data management. Meetings are held twice yearly.

In 2006 the Surveying & Positioning Committee took custody of the former-UKOOA (now Oil & Gas UK) positioning formats. They have recently formed an agreement with the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) permitting deprecation of SEG’s positioning formats and recognition of the revised OGP positioning formats as their replacement. This places the Geomatics Committee as the single global source for positioning advice, guidance and formats provision for the upstream oil and gas industry.

The heritage of Oil & Gas UK and SEG positioning formats will continue to be still available from here once the new combined formats are complete.

Recent news regarding OGP's Geomatics can be found on the News page.


The OGP Geomatics Committee has the following objectives:

The main areas by which the Geomatics Committee work to achieve these objectives are: the EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset; the Geomatics Guidance Notes, maintenance of positioning data exchange formats and through association with other organisations.

EPSG Geodetic Parameters

The OGP Geomatics Committee, through its Geodesy Subcommittee, maintains and publishes a dataset of parameters for co-ordinate reference system and co-ordinate transformation description. The EPSG Geodetic Parameter Dataset has been included as reference data in the heritage Oil & Gas UK and SEG positioning data exchange formats, the GeoTIFF interchange format for geo-referenced raster imagery, the IHS Energy Iris21, PPDM and POSC Epicentre data models. The dataset is distributed through a web-based delivery platform, or in an MS Access relational database and SQL script files which may be accessed here.

OGP Geomatics Guidance Notes

The OGP Geomatics Committee produces an occasional series of Guidance Notes for public use.

Data Exchange Formats

The OGP Geomatics Committee maintains several digital data exchange formats for industry use.

Links to other organisations

The OGP Geomatics Committee has

Geodesy Subcommittee members maintain a liaison with the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for spatial referencing and co-ordinate transformations.

The OGP Geomatics Committee also maintains links with the Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics, APSG

Further Information

Requests for further information about the OGP Geomatics Committee should be addressed to the Chairman (Palle Juul Jensen) or Committee Manager (Lucyna Kryla-Straszewska):

Palle Juul Jensen
Geomatics Discipline Lead
Maersk Olie og Gas AS
Esplanaden 50
DK-1263 Copenhagen K

email: palle.jensen@maerskoil.com

Lucyna Kryla-Straszewska
OGP, 209-215 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8NL

email: lks@ogp.org.uk