EPSG Area Polygons


For coordinate reference systems and for coordinate transformations in the EPSG Dataset, the geographic extent of the area of applicability is described through:

New Zealand, north island
  • a text description, for example

           "New Zealand – North Island".

  • a geographic bounding box

            (minimum and maximum
                  latitude and  longitude)
            (shown in red in the figure to left)

  • a boundary polygon

            (shown in yellow in the figure)

In a mapping application, using the polygons will greatly reduce the risk of inappropriate CRS selection. It will also minimise the risk of applying the geodetic data to inappropriate areas.

The polygons have been prepared for use at a nominal map scale of about 1:15,000,000. The international and administrative area boundary data included has been taken from several publicly available sources. The data supplied by OGP is not an authority on the location of political boundaries.

The polygon data is distributed through the EPSG on-line Registry as GML documents. The EPSG Access database contains references to these GML documents. The polygons are also available in ESRI Shapefile format here: download EPSG polygon shapefile.

For those requiring a continental subset of the polygons, the Shapefile data includes a regional attribute as shown below:

EPSG polygons

For further description of the area records please refer to OGP Geomatics guidance note 7 part 1, Using the EPSG Geodetic Dataset, available at http://info.ogp.org.uk/geomatics/guides/index.html.
Comments on the polygon data may be submitted to OGP through http://www.epsg.org/Comms/Comment.asp.

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